Thursday, February 14, 2008

Caring for others:The Children’s Club helping children to come up in their studies

This is a story of village Majlishbag, which is once known as a illiterate village. But now the young youths of the village has taken a pledge to see that all the children of their village are in school, and not only that but are doing good in the school.

The first generation educated youths of the village has started coaching their younger ones of the village in the morning and evening at the village community hall (Constructed by World Vision).

Instead of enjoying themselves, playing or wasting their time, the youths who are the members of the Majlishbag Mukti Children Club (Mukti means freedom) are helping their kith and kin of their village to study well.
Through this coaching class about 50 children from primary till high school level are getting help from their elder brothers who are also studying in the higher classes. The Majlishbag Mukti Children Club has taken this initiative as a movement where all the 81 children of the village are members. Kanak Murmu, President of the children club says, “We don’t want our children to be struggling in their studies due to poor quality of studies in the school. Our motto is to help them who are poor in studies.

Now due to this initiative, all the children of the village are going to school, studying daily and there are not a single drop out in the village.

Now they have the smile, which is possible due to the frequent support of World Vision, which has enabled them and their families through Income Generation Activities, and timely support.