Tuesday, February 12, 2008

-------------------awareness stories…………………….

To a group of social activists who sought his blessing on a plan they were about to put into action, the Master said: “what you need, I’m afraid, is light, not action.”
Later he explained, “To fight evil with activity is like fighting darkness with one’s hands, so what you need is light, not fight.”

“Aren’t you going to wish us a happy Christmas?”
The master glanced at the calendar, saw it was a Thursday and said, “I’d much rather wish you a happy Thursday.”
This offended the Christians in the monastery till the Master explained, “Millions will enjoy, not Today, but Christmas ---- so their joy is short-lived. But for those who have learnt to enjoy Today, everyday is Christmas.”

“Happiness is a butterfly,” said the Master. “Chase it and it eludes you. Sit down quietly and it alights upon your shoulder.”

“So what do I do to get happiness?”

“Stop pursuing it.”

“But is there nothing I can do?”

“You might try sitting down quietly – if you dare!”
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