Thursday, September 4, 2008

Resources on Disaster Risk Reduction

Resources on Disaster Risk Reduction

  1. 1.       Relief Web
  2. 2.       Millennium Development Goals
  3. 3.       National Disaster Management India
  4. 4.       Disaster Management Information System
  5. 5.       Community Based Disaster Management Resources
  6. 6.       UN International Strategy For Disaster Reduction
  7. 7.       Monitoring and Evaluation

a.  Portal with news and information about monitoring and evaluation in development organisations. Includes online forum and links to evaluation societies.

b.  a loose coalition of regional and national evaluation organizations from around the world that is dedicated to building leadership and capacity in developing countries, fostering the cross-fertilization of evaluation theory and practice around the world, and assisting the evaluation profession to take a more global approach to contributing to the identification and solution of world problems.

c.     Humanitarian Distance Learning Centre - HDLC Discussion Forum
The HDLC discussion forum is a resource for relief and development professionals to communicate ideas, request advice and advocate for various issues within multi-sectoral relief and development environment.
It is a creative mechanism for participants to directly influence the scope and dynamic of vocational training within their particular field or sector of specialty.
Periodically, the HDLC Discussion forum host polls and surveys on behalf of the community for research purposes and conducts "virtual" round table discussions monthly.
It is free to register, so sign up.

d.    XCeval
Discussion list for persons interested in issues associated with international and cross-cultural evaluation.

e.     ALNAP: Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance
Network of NGOs, UN agencies, Donors, academics and consultants interested to promote better practices in monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian projects. Members meet twice per year.

f.     UN Evaluation Forum
A knowledge network with moderated discussions, digests and news postings to disseminate good practices and lessons learned on measuring, monitoring and evaluation.

g.    International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS)
A membership organisation to advance and extend the practice of development evaluation by refining methods, strengthening capacity and expanding ownership. Listserv and discussion forum open to members only.

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