Saturday, December 1, 2012

What Matters Now

Reading the new book "What Matters Now" by Gary Hamel . It is infact sending us to the basics of leadership, management. Gary lays down 5 key issues which are paramount for all organisations, business houses to thrive in this environment of uncertainty. It demands character formation (Values), it promotes Innovation, It advocates Adaptability, it encourages Passion and ideology. The above 5 bold lettered words are issues and principle in themselves.

Let me quote some of the lines from the book:
The opening sentence of the book : "If you are a leader at any organisation, you are a steward - of careers, capabilities, resources, the environment and organisational values."
"In a networked world, when one brave soul speaks up, it emboldens others. Yes moral backsliding is contagious, but so is moral courage - so exercise yours". We saw this happen when a teenage girl posted in Facebook something on Bal Thakary. The goons and police vandalized properties of girls relative and arrested her and the person who liked the status. But we also saw the repurcussion of the event which led supreme court to pass a directive. Ethics and morals are not dead, it is still alive. Need one bold step of boldness and credibility.
"Change without trauma"
"How do you keep a company in orbit? .... building a truly adaptable company is a lot of work. It requires a shift in aspirations, behaviours and management system"
An adaptable company is always reinventing itself, always pioneering new markets"

I am still reading............. If you have not buy it and read........... This would add a string in your competitive advantage.
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